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Greetings, Buy Nothing World – 

It has come to our attention that there is active sharing of intentional misinformation regarding many aspects of the Buy Nothing Project. Today, we want to focus on one of them: Our trademarking of the Buy Nothing Project name.

Yes, we currently hold a trademark of our Buy Nothing name in several countries. We are protecting our Buy Nothing name for two main reasons:

We need to protect our name so that everyone who sets up a Buy Nothing community is able to use the Buy Nothing name to signify their participation in this movement. 

We need to protect our Buy Nothing name so that we can continue using it as we build new and freely-given support structures and resources to nurture this movement and make it more widely accessible. 

Anyone who tells you that we intend to make you stop using the name Buy Nothing to describe your non-commercial gift economy on any platform, offline or online, is misleading you. We are happy to see so many communities embracing our name and identifying themselves as part of the Buy Nothing Project. Every Buy Nothing community is part of a global movement that has been fueled by millions of people who have joined our experiment to Give, Ask, and express Gratitude with their neighbors.

PS: Have you visited our Freesources page recently? We have a lot of freely-given tools you can use to build your own Buy Nothing community right now. Check back often, as we add new Buy Nothing resources as quickly as we can create them.

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  1. Hiya, my mate in Philadelphia pointed me in your direction. Are there any local northern Ireland groups up and running? Thanks for your help.

  2. Hi Jean:

    To find your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, please visit the following page:

    You will see that you can search by country, then by state/province, etc. If there is no group on Facebook for your community, you have options. Please visit this page which explains what you can do to build a Buy Nothing gift economy in your part of the world:

    Thanks a million for joining us!

  3. Hi Courtenay:

    Many thanks for reaching out! We do not have a local Buy Nothing gift economy in Northern Ireland yet but would love to see the movement take off there. Please have a read through our Build A Gift Economy page to learn of all your options for getting some sharing kickstarted in your part of the world:

    In gratitude,

  4. Hi Beverly: We’re working behind the scenes trying to rectify this. A tech hiccup that we’ll have fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

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