Buy Nothing Project Community Agreement

We want to celebrate and call your attention to the Community Agreement written by the Equity Team to support each and every Buy Nothing Project community on Facebook. You can find a link to this crucial document in every Buy Nothing Project group on Facebook in the All About the Buy Nothing Project document, and also on this website in a few places including in the Buy Nothing Project Starter Pack, throughout the Buy Nothing Academy, in the Buy Nothing Public Library, and under the Projects > Buy Nothing Groups on Social Media > Equity Team’s Community Agreement.

The volunteers on the Equity Team also provide ongoing information and support via their website, Buy Nothing Project Equity – We encourage you to visit and engage with the helpful resources provided there to deepen your understanding and use of the Community Agreement. We are so grateful to everyone who has put in so much work to make the Community Agreement available to the world. This is truly a profound gift.
– Liesl & Rebecca

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