Best of Buy Nothing

Share your stories with us, and we’ll share them with the world for people to learn to live the gift economy mindset. Submit an image of the inspirational post you made to your community, with permissions from everyone involved, and we’ll then share it on our public social media accounts. All you have to do is send us an email to, with “Best of Buy Nothing” in the subject line!
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Here are some sample posts to get you inspired!
The traveling Birthday sign!
It started out as member A gifting to member B. Once member B was finished she decided to pass it on like a good neighbor. Member B was OVERWHELMED by the amount of neighbors who wanted to use the sign. Instead of picking just 1 person to pass it on to, member B decided to pass it to the whole group.
So far 30 members have shared the sign and we have over 70 members signed up to use it! It is such a great show of community and what the buy nothing project is all about!
Gift of Self:
Julia Maloof Verderosa from BN SOMA (South Orange / Maplewood NJ) offered professional headshots for foster dogs’ portfolios. This unique gift of talent truly spread a lot of joy: “Hi I’m new to this group, and the founder suggested a jump in and offer a service for free. I recognize some of you, so you probably know who I am, too. Starting in Feb, if any of you are fostering a pet that can be photographed outside, it would be my pleasure to do so to add to their portfolio. Edited to include anyone working in rescue.”

Giving A New Life To Let Go.
Yesterday, I tucked my old engagement ring into one of my give posts. I had held onto it for 7 years. For 7 years, I struggled with the loss of that relationship. This past week’s declutter challenge was “under the kitchen sink”. That small challenge motivated me to move to other areas as well. I have A LONG WAY TO GO before I reach that minimalist lifestyle that I long for but this group is helping me get there. Anyway, I started going through my closet & for the first time in 7 years, I picked up that ring & thought “I can let this go now”. I immediately just tucked it into one of my give posts before I changed my mind like I always had in the past. I had thought about selling it many times before. But that didn’t happen this time. This time, I was ready to let it go. Then Wendy told me her daughter wanted a diamond ring for Christmas. Wendy’s daughter is 21, has special needs, works at OCR, & is just a lovely person. I was & am just completely overwhelmed by the perfectness of it all. I was finally ready to let go & my doing so is fulfilling this sweet young woman’s Christmas wish. I met Wendy in person for the first time today. She is just the loveliest person & when she left, ring in hand, I felt peace & so much joy. We all do this. We all give & receive & find joy in knowing we met someone’s needs with our things, our time, our talent. It can be something as small as a button to as large as a diamond ring, but I hope that you all find joy in the process here at the Buy Nothing Project. I am grateful for all of you who are joining me on this journey of giving, receiving, & gratitude. It is truly life-changing. ❤️
“Waste Not Want Not”
Gift offered: We pour off and toss this peanut oil. Anyone use peanut oil? I can pour it into a jar. Let me know. Just opening it. Resulting in on going giving and reducing food waste.
My neighbor is so pleased because she doesn’t have to buy peanut oil! We now have an understanding, I text In advance and she places a small jar in her mudroom, and I literally just pour from my jar to her jar inside her mudroom and go home.
Give a broken item new life with a touch of humor!
(Oopsie) tub maybe a cat box? IT is a 30 gal. It is gray. It is in great shape, though there is a hand-sized hold in the lid. Trim it and you might have a portal for a cat, or a really huge Kleenex box, or even the world’s most burning Sleep Ball Game! Why the possibilities are endless! Why wait, come get it now! The tub is near ____.
(So am I, but you can’t take me home)
Humor Is a gift in itself. Nancy Cavanaugh of South Windsor (East), CT.
“24 Month onesie from Ireland that my son outgrew. Maybe it will fit yours??”