Buy Nothing Project Starter Pack

If you’d like to set-up or update a Buy Nothing community on Facebook, or any similar platform, we’ve made a set-up and update roadmap complete with resources, everything you need to create or update your group starting today. You can get a free copy of our Buy Nothing Starter Pack via the Download form at the bottom of this page. The links here will always take you to the most current version of our foundational documents.

For an online Buy Nothing group, we think the easiest process looks like this:

  1. Take the Buy Nothing Academy course, available here – This is one of our freely-given Buy Nothing gifts, a self-paced online course that empowers you up to build a strong Buy Nothing gift economy community.
  2. Set up or update a group on your preferred social media platform. Each platform has its own directions, rules, and specifications. Each social media company will walk you through the steps to setting up a group on their platform. We’ve created a document that will help answer your Buy Nothing-related questions about demographics, naming your group, and defining your community footprint when setting up a new group. This document is useful for all social media platforms and also for Buy Nothing communities that connect offline. You can find this resource here.
  3. Fill out the Download form at the bottom of this page to request a copy of our Buy Nothing Starter Pack for your Buy Nothing group. The Starter Pack includes a copy of this set-up roadmap and 2 documents that you can customize to match your group’s name and your social media platform. You can read the template version of these documents here:

Note:  The email link sends a download PDF to your device.  In the download PDF you will see instructions and have a copy and paste rendition. Please look for the PDF called “Buy-Nothing-Project-Starter-Pack-12-July-21.pdf” where your computer or mobile stores files. If you can’t seem to find the download on your computer, laptop, or phone after you’ve clicked on the link in the email you receive from us, please Google “Where do downloads go on my (insert device you’re using).” On some computers, for example, there’s a “downloads” folder.

Once you have your copy of these two documents, customize them with your group’s name and upload them to the appropriate fields in your Buy Nothing online group. For instance, the Group Description fits right into Facebook’s Group Description field, and the 10 Rules can be copied from your download and uploaded into those 10 fields in a Facebook group.

4. Create a Welcome – All About pinned post or group file (or whatever the social media platform you’re using provides to give group leaders the ability to keep important group information accessible to group members).

In your Welome – All About post, welcome people to your Buy Nothing group, introduce yourself, give them any information you’d like to share about your local version of the Buy Nothing Project and include a link to All About the Buy Nothing Project. This is an online link tree we maintain to direct Buy Nothing participants to all of the important Buy Nothing Project resources. This will give your entire Buy Nothing community quick access to all sorts of helpful information. This is the only Buy Nothing Project page you’ll need to link to, making it fast and easy to set up a Buy Nothing group online.

5. If you’d like to use our banner, given to us by Crescent Moegling for use in Buy Nothing Project gift economies, you’re welcome to download this Buy Nothing banner, to signify you’re part of this social movement! Please do not modify the banner in any way. And, you’re always welcome to create and use your own banner, too!

Buy Nothing Project Banner courtesy of Crescent Moegling. All rights reserved.

6. Fill out our List Your Gift Economy form so you can be included in our worldwide Buy Nothing Gift Economy list, so people in your community can readily find your local gift economy and start sharing!


Have questions? There is a team of volunteer Buy Nothing Librarians who answer questions about these freely-given resources. You can contact a Buy Nothing Librarian via this Contact a Buy Nothing Librarian form. Buy Nothing Librarians are happy to help connect you to resources that will guide you all along your Buy Nothing journey, whether your group is brand-new or well-established. We also have a peer-to-peer support group, our Buy Nothing Project Admin Hub, on Facebook, for anyone who stewards a Buy Nothing gift economy on social media.

Buy Nothing Project Starter Pack

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