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The Buy Nothing Project is in the News!

The Buy Nothing Local Gift Economies

NPR/All Things Considered: Facebook Project Wants You to ‘Buy Nothing’ And Ask For What You Need

The New York Times: How To Save Money With The Help of Your Community

The Washington Post: The Buy Nothing Movement: Give Up Your Stuff and Pick Up Some Friends

9 News Perth: Buy Nothing

ABC News: Facebook Buy Nothing Project Helps Neighbours Connect, Reduce Waste

ABC Radio Perth: People Are Embracing a Buy-Nothing, Fix-Everything Attitude To End Throwaway Culture

Grist: Join a Buy Nothing Group and Feel Warm ‘n Fuzzy

Mother Nature Network: How Does The Buy Nothing Project Work?

South China Morning Post: ‘Giving Feels Good’: Briton’s Lamma Island Facebook Project Capitalizes On Generosity To Build Communities in Hong Kong. Social media group Buy Nothing looks to tackle the city’s growing mountains of waste, and in the process help Lamma residents build bonds.

CBC News: Ottawa Buy Nothing Groups Bringing Neighbours Together

Upworthy: He wanted to do something beautiful to welcome his dying wife home for the last time.

Racked: How to Buy Nothing, Get Stuff, And Make Friends

Voice of America: Gift Economies Strengthen Communities

Yahoo News!: Want a stranger’s half-eaten pizza? Need to rent a treehouse? Technology can help

Yes! Magazine: When Buying Nothing Gives You More Of Everything

WBZ4 CBS Boston: ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook Groups All About ‘Gifting Where You Live’

Seattle Times: Buy Nothing Project: Free Clothes, Toys, Food — Even A Wedding

Hartford Courant: ‘Buy Nothing Project’ Pays in Camaraderie

Anchorage Press: The Buy Nothing Project — A Revolution Known By Its Quietness

NBC12: More Bang For Your Buck: Buy Nothing Project

Philly Voice: The Buy Nothing Project — Folks Are Falling For It For a Reason

Philadelphia Magazine: The New Frugality: Inside Philly’s Buy Nothing Movement

NPR/KPLU: Can We Buy a Little Less and Share a Little More?

GreenBiz: Paradigm Shifts Transform Waste, Entrepreneurship, Activism

KOMO News: Local Families Embracing a Buy Nothing Christmas

CW7Michigan: The Buy Nothing Project Has Reached Kalamazoo

Iowa City Press-Citizen: ‘Buy Nothing’ Gift Giving Sites On The Rise In Iowa City Area

Patch.Com New York/Forrest Hills: Global Facebook Project To ‘Buy Nothing’ Comes To Forrest Hills

Faux Show: Buy Nothing

KOMO News: Strangers Come Together to Organize Dream Wedding

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: No Money? That’s the Point As Buy Nothing Groups Hold ‘Free For All’

CSRwire Talkback: If Not Now, When? Exploring Sustainable Initiatives That Need an Extra Push

Everyday Cheapskate: Five Highly Useful Free Websites

Philly Mag: Cool New Way to Get (and Give Away) Free Stuff

Rochester City Newspaper: Hyper-Local FB Groups: Buy Nothing, Just Ask

Work Stew Podcast: Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller, Creators of The Buy Nothing Project

I Heart Budgets: The Buy Nothing Project

Brookline Wicked Local: More Than 600 Residents Are Part of Brookline Buy Nothing Project

The Coronado Times: Give And Receive, It’s the Neighborly Thing To Do

Littleton Independent: Neighbors Encouraged to ‘Buy Nothing’

Bainbridge Magazine: Zero Impact

Chelsea Record: Give Where You Live: Vokuvic Launches Buy Nothing Program in City

The Corvallis Advocate: Buy Nothing Project Grows

Metro: Why You Should Join The Buy Nothing Project

A Life Unprocessed: Start Or Join a Buy Nothing Facebook Group

The Inkless Link: Staying Afloat: The Two Sides of the Government Shutdown

The Bipolar Mystic: The Buy Nothing Project

My Make Do And Mend Year: The Buy Nothing Project

Wallyhood: Give (Anything) To Your Neighbors

The Darling Bakers: My Gradual Conversion To Minimalism

South Seattle Emerald: Buy Nothing: South Seattle Group Exhorts The Virtue of Less Consumerism

The London Free Press: Seglin: Selling Gifts Legal, But Risky

Alexandria Times: Arts: Helping Alexandria Inmates Find The Beauty Within

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