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Joining your Buy Nothing Community is easier than ever. The most direct way to participate in this amazing experiment with us is to join the BuyNothing App.

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Over the past 8+years, the Buy Nothing Project has grown to over 7,00 groups on the Facebook platform but we are ready to expand to another custom platform just for Buy Nothing participants. You may note that many Facebook groups are transitioning to the app and you’ll see them marked as such in our list of groups.

If you’re looking for a Buy Nothing community that connects in a Facebook group, click here to see our list of these groups.

If you’d like to start a Buy Nothing community, click here and we’ll guide you through the process to become a Buy Nothing Community Builder.

If you’d like to set up a Buy Nothing community using a social media platform such as Facebook, click here for everything you need from our freely-given resources for Buy Nothing Groups on Social Media.