Our Book

We wrote a Buy Nothing Manifesto

We poured our hearts and minds into this book to give you a primer that’s useful and inspirational. Let us empower you to Buy Nothing and Get Everything that matters most. Request a copy from your local library or support your favorite independent bookstore.


50 Things You Never Need to Buy

A list of 50 things we never buy, and ways that you can join us (and add your own new items to the list)

Research & Facts!

So many facts, one of our Goodreads critics says there are too many! But we love facts, and we did our research to back up our observations and put them into historical and scientific context.

7-Step Action Plan

We walk you through the actions that build a strong Buy Nothing, Get Everything life: Give – Ask – Reuse & Refuse – Reflect – Make & Fix – Share. Lend & Borrow – Gratitude


Stories from real life people just like you who have discovered the joy and meaning of Buy Nothing that will inspire you to join this worldwide movement.

Read, Share, and Join the Movement